Affirmations (with a twist)


I’ve got a cool little exercise that can help you quickly and easily move past a limiting belief.

I call it affirmations with a twist.

First, state an affirmation around something that is really important to you.  Let’s say you want to build your confidence around growing your business.  So, the affirmation might simply be, “I am confident.”

Second, pay attention to the critical voice that comes up afterwards. It may say things like “no you’re not,” “liar,” and “who are you kidding.”

Third, ask yourself “who is saying these things?” Remember, you were not born with negative limiting beliefs. Somewhere along the way, you got that limiting belief from someone. Find out who that person is. Pay attention to any words or images that pop into your head.  Sometimes this can be very surprising and disturbing.

The first time I did this exercise, my grandma’s image came into my head.  Now, I loved my grandma and felt that she was nothing but supportive when I was growing up so when she popped in, I was uncomfortable with that.

There are a couple of things that could be at the heart of this.

First, when we’re young, the adults in our lives often perpetuate the limiting beliefs to protect us.  I gave an example in a previous post of dad not letting you climb something because you might get hurt.

Second, as kids, we often pick up on the limiting beliefs of the grown ups in our lives and take them on as our own. My grandma was not the most confident person and I may have picked up on that, at least partially.

The idea here isn’t to blame anyone for the limiting belief.

It’s to realize it’s not YOUR limiting belief at all.

You just adopted it for awhile. Limiting beliefs are much easier to release when you realize they were never really yours.

Try this exercise with a belief or two that you no longer want to hold onto and see what happens.

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