Appreciation – past, present, and future

I’d like to talk a little bit more about appreciation and what it means.

Appreciation is really just being thankful for your life.

You can appreciate the people in your life, the events that you’ve experienced, the material things that give you joy, and finally, your unique self.

You can also appreciate the people who have not yet entered your life, the events you have yet to experience, the material things you have yet to own, and finally, the person you have yet to become.

Appreciation for the past puts you in a state of grace, calm, and peace.  You understand that past experiences have shaped who you are.  And that is good.

Appreciation for the present puts you in a state of mindfulness.  You see the world as the wonder it is.  And that is good.

Appreciation for the future puts you in a state of hope.  You know that your future holds many wonderful things. And that is good.

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