Happiness is not a station you arrive at…

I love this quote. It reminds me that we have the option of choosing to be happy in any given moment.

I have a question for you.

Are you waiting to be happy? Are you waiting until you have the perfect business, perfect team, perfect partner, perfect body, perfect house, or perfect kids?

Does the thought “someday” cross your mind a lot?

Another question…

What would happen if you chose to be happy now?

With your current life. Without the perfect business. Without the perfect team. Without that perfect body. Without the perfect love. Without the perfect kids.

I’m not telling you to give up on the idea of creating your ideal business. What I am saying is that you can be happy in this moment.

First, let’s define happiness.

Webster: a state of well-being and contentment; a pleasurable or satisfying experience.

Ok, with this definition, happiness doesn’t seem so hard to obtain, does it? Look at your week so far. How many pleasurable moments did you allow yourself? Did you rush in the morning to get out the door, or did you allow yourself time to have a cup of coffee or tea and think about the upcoming day? What about breakfast? Did you scarf down whatever was available, or did you sit, relax, and actually enjoy the meal? What about your commute to work if you have one? What was that like? Were you uptight and stressed the whole way, or did you use the time to reflect, learn something new, listen to a good novel, or listen to good music? What about the people in your life that you care about? Did you take a moment to really appreciate who they are and how lucky you are that they’re in your life? You’re starting to get the idea, right?

These moments are your life.

They add up. You have the choice of going through your day on autopilot, or really taking moments to appreciate and find pleasure in the little things.

So what is that one thing you can do today to boost your happiness? Make the choice to be happy. Simple, really. So, what are you going to do right now to feel content, be happy, find pleasure? Is there someone in your life who could use a quick strategy for how to find happiness? Please feel free to share this with them.

With love and joy,

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