How to plan your errands to increase efficiency

I’m all about creating efficiencies in business — in my own and my clients’ businesses. However, I’m also all about creating efficiencies in my personal life as well. This allows me more time for running my business and having fun.

I hate running errands.

While I know that I could hire someone to run my errands, I also know that I need to get out of the house every once and a while. And not just on the weekends to go play.

So I set up a system that allows me to run my errands in the shortest time possible.

Here’s the 4 step process I use to increase efficiency in my personal life so I have more time for running my business and having fun.

  1. I think about all the errands I have to run in the next month. As many as I can. If it’s possible to attack these errands this week, I’ll put them on my list.
  2. I add the addresses to Google maps and use the directions feature to find the shortest route possible.
  3. I go at a time when few people run errands, usually early morning Wednesday. For example, my favorite dry cleaners opens at 6am, my favorite grocery store opens at 7am, Target opens at 8am, and World Market opens at 10am (I love their coffee). I can set out at about 8am on Wednesday, stop at all these places plus a few more, and be back home by 10:15am. Most of my errands for the month are done in a little over two hours. Not bad.
  4. I listen to a business podcast or audiobook while I’m driving. See my blog post on the only way to multitask for more info.

For me, I would much rather spend my time working on my business, helping my clients on theirs, or having some fun.

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