I spent the weekend with a multi-millionaire. Here’s what I learned…

I just spent the entire weekend with a multi-millionaire.

This is a man who built his multi-million dollar empire from scratch. His mom died when he was young and his dad was an alcoholic who was never around, so he was basically an orphan. He was raised by an aunt who taught him that he could be and do anything if he worked hard enough.

I spent the weekend doing my best to get inside his head to learn the secrets of his success.

Guess what I learned.

That there weren’t any secrets.

His success came down to…

Knowing his destination. He knew exactly where he wanted to go. Once he figured out HIS thing, he didn’t waiver. He didn’t change fields. He didn’t go off course.

Making a decision. He decided he was going to know his field inside and out. He decided to become a master at what he did and he was going to know it better than anyone else in his field.

Most importantly, he was going to serve his clients better than any of his competition. And he had no qualms in taking over someone else’s customers if he knew that the other business wasn’t taking good care of them and he could do it better. It’s like he felt a responsibility to take on those customers so he could serve them in the way they deserved.

Being completely determined. The man hustled. I mean really hustled. He didn’t sit around at home hoping people would come to him. He went out and met people. Got to know them. Showed how he could help them. Showed why he deserved their money.


Slowly, he built a multi-million dollar business by being the best, serving his clients with integrity and care, and building a rock-solid reputation so that, eventually and inevitably, potential clients came to him from the amazing referrals he received.

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