It wasn’t about world peace…

Helping my son out this past week (go here to read about it if you missed it) reminded me of a time when I was the one taking pain meds to heal…

Back when I was working in the corporate world, I had to go in for surgery on my leg. I took a week off to rest & recover (that was the goal, at least…)

During that week, my supervisor felt it was so important that I attend one of the meetings that he insisted I conference in from home.

So there I was on a Monday morning, lying in bed with the one leg propped up on a pillow, drugged out on pain medication and doing my best to somehow stay awake and alert enough to be of any use.

The funny thing is, today I have no idea what that meeting was about.

I can tell you what it wasn’t about.

It wasn’t about world peace.
It wasn’t about saving someone from a horrible death.
It wasn’t about solving world hunger.

Here’s my point:

Sometimes everything on our plates can feel so overwhelming, so urgent and important, that we might as well be lying in bed drugged out on pain medication because it’s just so exhausting.

That’s why it’s so important to take a step back, stand above the fray, and get a birds eye view on your business.

Then you’ll be able to see what’s truly important and focus on that.

You’ll realize that months and years from now, you probably won’t even remember what the fuss was all about.

With love & joy,

Signature & Pic