In this powerful 90-minute coaching session you will…


Create a crystal clear vision for your ideal business and life


Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to take your business to the next level


Leave the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to create an amazing business that is sustainable, profitable, and allows you considerable freedom

To have a profitable, sustainable, & freedom-based business, your team, processes, and tools must work together beautifully.


First, we Shine a Spotlight on Your Calling & Purpose. If needed, we’ll discover your true purpose in life and how to align your business with your passions, skills, and talents so that it’s a perfect fit for you and your life. You’ll get tools and strategies that clear up confusion and doubt. Whether you have no clue about how to discover your purpose, or you are stuck in fear, this step will move you along on your journey to complete clarity.

Second, you’ll learn to Serve Your Ideal Client First. So many business owners do this backwards. They start a business and then go look for customers and clients. Any customer or client. You must have a clear understanding of who you really want to work with.  Working with clients or customers who do not appreciate what you do and how you can help them, leaves both of you dissatisfied and discouraged.

We’ll evaluate whether your current customers are those that you appreciate and who appreciate you. Once you’re aligned with your passion and purpose, this becomes easy.

Third, we’ll work together to Structure Your Business for Freedom and Fun. This step is all about looking at your ideal life and structuring your business to support that. You did not start your business to work 24/7, ignore your family and friends, lose your health, and stop all your recreational activities. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you went into business to have more freedom.

We’ll also figure out what sets you apart from your competition.

Fourth, I’ll help you Systemize Your Business to Maximize Free Time. There are five key areas to focus on to maximize free-time and get the most out of your business. You’ll master each one so that your business is rock solid.

There are so many amazing tools out there that can help you optimize and automate your business. We’ll find the perfect tools to help you and your team run your business with ease and flow, while maximizing profit AND free time.

Finally, I’ll help you Spread the Word. Yes, you will have to market your business. Don’t worry. I have great news. Marketing can actually be fun. As you learn to market your business in a way that is in alignment with who you are and what you love, you’ll find that people come to you. As you talk about what you do and why you love to do it, the right people can’t help but want to buy from you.


I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology.  Most business coaches can’t say this. I’m trained to use proven techniques based in science to help you with any inner game stuff. Helping people overcome fears of failure, fears of getting out there, fear of success, procrastination, feelings of overwhelm, low self-confidence, etc. is my specialty.  A lot of inner game stuff comes up when we decide to go for our big dreams. Don’t let it stop you from achieving your dreams!

I absolutely love and have an aptitude for technology. Most of my clients are not techy. So, I incorporate their need for tech help into my coaching with what I call “Emergency tech calls.”

Don’t spend any more than 30 minutes with any business app or tool. If you feel like you’re banging your head and getting frustrated after 30 minutes of trying, stop, email me the issue, and move on to something else. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I think it’s important that business owners don’t waste their time on technology if they don’t have an aptitude for it.

The side benefit is that this offering can help pay for my coaching because it saves you a ton of time, and thus money.

I have a BFA in Electronic Media. I started my career as a web designer & developer before going to graduate school. I was a part-time web designer throughout grad school.

The worst thing you could tell me is “I spent all day trying to get my website to work.”

People spend so much time working on their websites and I think that is such a tragedy. So part of my “emergency tech calls” is web development and design.

I have a love and aptitude for creating efficiencies, processes, and structures. I include this as part of my coaching because it can help business owners streamline their businesses, which allows them to focus on what’s fun and profitable in the business. A few small tweaks to a system or process can save thousands in the long run.