Kick those negative thoughts to the curb

Negative thoughts are mean-spirited, ugly little creatures and we can’t let them win.

The world is full of people who have let these little blood-suckers triumph.

Everyone who hasn’t gone for their dreams. Anyone who has said no to an amazing opportunity. Everyone who has asked “Who am I…”

I’ll tell you a secret.

Fear is built on these little rodents.

If you take a good solid look at any fear you have, or have had, you’ll notice negative thoughts at the base of it.

Let me share a personal story as an example…

When I was in high school, I was on the swim team. In my junior year, me and another gal were voted to be team captains for the next year. Over the summer, she decided to become an exchange student in Germany for her senior year.

That left me to captain the team alone. Part of this duty was to introduce the team to the entire school of about 500 kids at pep rallies.

The idea of doing that was so terrifying to me at the time that I dropped off the team. Not only was I not captain, but I didn’t even swim that year. Something that I loved to do, btw.

All because of fear.

And what was behind that fear?

Tiny little evil creatures in my head saying things like..

“What if you trip?” (Like I couldn’t trust myself to walk. Something I’d been doing for 17 years by that time 😉

“What if you stumble over your words?” (Again, talking. Something I’d been doing for just as many years)

Tiny little evil creatures showing me pictures of…

  • me tripping (words AND pictures: double-whammy)
  • me fainting up at the podium
  • me vomiting at the podium
  • people laughing
  • people feeling sorry for me

You get the idea.

That’s why this exercise is just so damn important.

So, did you get started with this exercise in the last blog post?

If so, great! Keep doing it. It will only get easier and you will see some amazing shifts in your life and business.

If not, make some time for it. I understand that life sometimes gets in the way of important things. But make sure you do it. Hopefully, I’ve convinced you how important it is.

Okay, so last time was about becoming aware of your negative thoughts. If you did the exercise, you’ll have a sheet (or more) of negative thoughts and the event that led to it.

Isn’t it crazy how many negative thoughts you have that you haven’t been aware of until now?

When I first did this exercise, I could not believe how many negative thoughts just float through my brain on a regular basis. Sheets and sheets. Stuff that I’ve picked up from who knows where over the years.

If you do this next exercise, you’ll really start upping your game because you’ll notice when they start popping up. And now you’ve got a tool to kick their patooties.

So… Take out your sheet and we’re going to start filling in the right column. Label it Positive, Realistic Thoughts. You’re going to replace the negative thoughts with talk that is realistic, helpful, and positive.

Let’s look at an example:


Saturday, 8am

Negative Thought

I never do anything right. (Never? Really?)

Preceding Event

Forgot to run to the store after dropping off the kids. (How ridiculous is the thought above to this situation? RIDICULOUS!)

Positive, Realistic Thoughts

I forgot this once, but there have been plenty of times I've done something right. In fact, here are the things I did right today...

It may seem crazy that anyone would have the negative thought above based on forgetting to run to the store, but you’d be surprised.

Now, we can get our sanity back and come up with something based in reality…

If you have time, fill in the right column for the entire list.

If you have trouble coming up with positive, realistic thoughts, imagine what you would say to a friend if you heard it from them.

Be that really good friend to yourself. You deserve to be treated nicely.

Especially by you!

Once you finish the exercise, the goal is to continue being aware of the negative thoughts WHEN THEY OCCUR and immediately come up with something more positive and realistic in the moment.

It’s like you’re killing them on the spot.

This takes some practice. Eventually, though, the negative thoughts will decrease and you’ll begin to go from being your own worst critic to your own best friend.

And… if you’d like help with kicking these creatures asses, make sure to reserve your spot for a Jumpstart Your Sustainable, Profitable, and Freedom-Based Business strategy session with me.

We’ll really dive in deep and get those buggers where they live. I’ve been doing this work for almost 30 years. I’m a master at killing these creatures. Let’s get you on the fast track to having an amazing business and life.

Until next time, I wish you love & joy in your biz,

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