My son has viral meningitis and why I’m so grateful…

On Monday, I got a text from my 26-year-old son’s girlfriend that he was in the ER for complications with the flu. After a CT scan, spinal tap, and waiting a couple of hours, they diagnosed him with viral meningitis.

I’ve got to tell you I feel totally grateful for a couple of reasons.

First, it wasn’t bacterial meningitis. If you’re going to get meningitis, viral is the way to go. According to the CDC, you recover from it on your own in about 7-10 days. Bad things happen with bacterial meningitis. Very bad things.

I now know more about both types of meningitis than any parent should. Mom’s should never Google causes of the symptoms their kids are experiencing. Do you know there are at least 50 reasons why people can get headaches? They range from dehydration to terminal illness and everything in between.

Second (and why I’m sharing this with you), I have the type of business and lifestyle that allowed me to fly out that same day and be able to help him out. I’ve been able to take care of him and still run my business. I can get him what he needs when he’s awake and work on my business while he sleeps.

I didn’t have to ask my supervisor if I could take time off.

I didn’t have to take vacation days, sick days, or personal days.

I don’t have to worry about when I’m going home and whether I’ll have a job when I get back.

I talk a lot about the benefits of owning a sustainable, profitable, and freedom-filled business in my marketing materials.

There are plenty of reasons to have one.

For me, being able to take care of family when they need you is absolutely by far the number one best reason.

If you haven’t started your freedom-filled business yet, why not?

If you’d like some help getting started, or even figuring out what your business looks like, get signed up for my Jumpstart business strategy session.

With love & joy,

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