Can you tell when your quiet, calm, soulful voice is talking?

There is a happy medium, a balance, in life.

It’s where contentment, peace, love, joy, and moments of bliss live. It’s when you love yourself and your life enough that you stop berating yourself for what you’re not and start accepting, and eventually loving, yourself for who you are.

I believe that the only way to be truly happy isn’t to change yourself first.

It’s to say “Hey, yes, I know I’m not perfect. I still have 25 lbs to lose, I have no significant other, and I have been known to eat a bag of Oreos on occasion. That’s okay. I’ve got more to learn and plenty of growth opportunities and I don’t have to learn them all today. I just have to be accepting of this moment and this experience. And if I’m feeling bad, I just need to remember to ask myself what the lesson is. And listen to what my quiet accepting mind says. It knows the truth. It knows who I am. It is the real me.”

True authenticity is paying attention to those quiet, accepting thoughts. These are not the thoughts that shout at us that we are not enough, that we can’t make it, that we’ll fail.

These are not those thoughts.

Our soul’s voice says things like “Why not?” “Of course I can.”  “Why not me?”  “I wonder…”

The voice is quiet. Calm. Sure.  There is no fear in this voice.

Only love, acceptance, and peace.

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With love and joy,

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