Sitting on the couch thinking your dreams into existence doesn’t work…

My Big Vision, Amazing Life program just finished and you may or may not be one of the people who joined the 30-day program. Either way, I hope that you make this year your best, most amazing, productive year yet.

The more I live on the earth, the more I realize that achieving my goals and dreams is more about what I do on a daily basis than anything else. The habits and rituals I build and the step-by-step action I take daily is what really matters.

It’s crazy, but they just don’t magically happen without me giving them some consistent, concerted effort.

Trust me, I’ve tried to just sit on my couch and think them into existence.

That didn’t work so well.

Reaching goals is all about process. Putting in place those daily activities that move you towards your goals.

It’s fun to dream about the glory of reaching the finish line, but if you don’t take each single step, one after the other, you won’t ever get there.

Let me give you a solid example to bring this home.

In my Big Vision, Amazing Life program, I give an example of wanting to go to Italy for one of my goals. Now, I don’t just want to be an American tourist in Italy bumbling around not knowing the language. I want to speak Italian fairly fluently so I can really get to know the culture and the people.

It’s not just about the food and the sights. 😉

I want to immerse myself in it. To experience it in every way.

So I started getting on to learn Italian. I get on that website every day and go through a lesson or two or three. It’s now a habit. I do it every morning. And the fun thing is, is that I can see that it’s actually working.

How cool is that?

I’m starting to remember the words and the speaker is actually starting to make sense. It’s not a bunch of syllables anymore. I’m seeing steady progress.

You can set up your business in the same way.

What daily practices can you put in place that allow you to make steady progress in your business? Here are some ideas:

  • Always start the first 30 minutes of your day working on your #1 priority
  • Do 10 – 15 minutes of focused freewriting every day to your email list, or on your blog, or both
  • Reach out to two customers or potential customers
  • Reach out to 5 potential referral partners and just say hi
  • Take 10 minutes of admin time to write out a process or create a checklist that you can share with an assistant, virtual or otherwise
  • Take 10 minutes to keep your task list in order
  • Take 10 minutes to plan your day, every day

Can you see how doing any one of these daily could help you move towards your business goals pretty quickly?

With love & joy,

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