The 4-step process to streamline your business

Implement these 4 steps and your business will rock.

Let’s get to it.


First, you have to figure out where you’re at. What current systems do you have in place? Even if you don’t think you have any systems, you’re wrong. They may be inefficient and make you and your team want to cry, but they’re there.

Let’s use an example from one of my clients to show you how this works…

My client was having several team members email him stats on a variety of schedules — weekly, monthly.

His bookkeeper would send him an Excel spreadsheet every month that she manually assembled from Quickbooks.

Copy-paste-copy-paste. This took her hours to compile.

Can you see him saying goodbye to all that extra email list-building cash?

His sales team would send him updates via email every week. The sales team leader would copy and paste the numbers from different cells into an email and send it off. Every week.

Can you see him saying goodbye to all that extra email list-building cash?

The marketing team leader would email stats on an evergreen product he sold. She would have to manually…

  • go into Facebook ads every week, pull out the amount spent, and put it in the email.
  • go into Infusionsoft and look up how many leads and products sold.
  • go into each contact record in Infusionsoft to find when the tag had been added. Every week. (Because the client wanted to know when each person came into the funnel before they purchased).

Can you see him saying goodbye to all that extra email list-building cash? And don’t you just want to give the marketing team leader a hug?

It went on and on — affiliate program, email open rates, etc. All sent via email.

You can see how this is a system but not an efficient one, right?

Ok, so the next fundamental step is to…


What do I mean by this? Well, it’s about aligning what you do with what you want.

Did this client want several emails from several team members on different days? Or would he rather have had all that data in one place available to him at any time?

Well, I can tell you that he wanted all that data in one place at any time.


I can also tell you that all those team members didn’t want to have to cut and paste from various apps to get that data to him in an email.

They were craving a better solution.

One solution the entrepreneur came up with was to have the team work together to compile one email to him.

Better for him. Worse for his team. Not ideal.

Ideal was that no one had to manually copy and paste anything and most of this data could be had automatically.

See how getting aligned with what you want can start leading you down a more efficient path?

The next step was to figure out how to automate these processes…


I think this step is pretty obvious. It’s about using apps and tools to do the manual work for you.

To solve this issue, I got my client and his team on a business dashboard. This is an online app that can hook into a bunch of different apps and pull the data that you need.

Where possible, we grabbed data from Quickbooks (no more assembling a spreadsheet for his bookkeeper), Facebook ads (no more copying and pasting for his marketing team leader), and Infusionsoft (no more hugs needed for the marketing team leader).

Unfortunately, not everything could be automatically hooked in the way he wanted, so we still had the final step to consider…


We assigned to the appropriate team members what was left. The sales team still had to pull data from various sources that couldn’t be done automatically. Good news is that they could put it into a Google spreadsheet and it would automatically hook into the dashboard, so no emailing.

This entrepreneur is now kicking back in his million dollar home office with a complete picture of all the data he needs to run his business. Anytime he wants. Efficient. In-control of his multi-million dollar business.

I hope this gives you a good sense of what this process can do for your business.

This is just one small process in a business full of them. Imagine how this client’s business grew when I was able to take this systematic approach to several areas of his business.

The team was able to free up time from manual (and boring) tasks to work on projects that really moved the needle for the business. Projects that were also exciting and fun to work on.

Using this process has some awesome side benefits as well — improves morale, creativity, team communication, and team collaboration — because team members aren’t bogged down in unnecessary manual tasks.

Creating efficient systems is what I love. And, I’m pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. If you want to start creating better and more efficient systems in your business, make sure to sign up for a “Jumpstart Your Sustainable, Profitable, and Freedom-Based Business” session with me.

With love & joy,

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