The Speak No Evil Challenge

Let’s talk about integrity.  Working from a place of integrity is one of the best things you can do for your business. Negative words not only have a huge impact on the one who hears them, they also have a huge impact on the person who says them.

In previous posts I talked about a way to decrease our negative self-talk and gain a new best friend.  Now, I think it’s time to talk about integrity and being a person you’re proud of.  I’m going to start this topic with a challenge.

I challenge you to not talk negatively about yourself or anyone else for an entire week.

No gossip, no self-deprecating humor, no negative words out loud.

Are you up for it?

I’m going to do this along with you.  I’m going to put a dollar in a jar for every time a negative word comes out of my mouth.

Here’s why I’m doing this…

Have you ever noticed how you feel after engaging in some form of gossip? Or self-deprecating humor. Even if it got a laugh.  For me, it’s kind of a sick feeling in my stomach.  That’s me disappointing myself.

Ever feel that?

Pay attention this week.  If you do end up gossiping or putting yourself down, notice the feeling afterward.  Do you feel the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach like I do?  Or do you feel something else entirely?

At the end of the week, I’m going to take what’s in my jar and buy someone else a (hopefully) small gift with it.

Are you with me?

Ready to challenge yourself to speak no evil this week?

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With love & joy,

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