Wake up, sleepy head!

I know there have been numerous articles on the benefits of waking up early, but I thought I’d give my take on it since I naturally wake up between 4:30am and 5am every morning.

I know that’s early for many folks. And some may even think I’m a bit crazy.

It’s what comes naturally to me now. I don’t have to force it.

Or it could be because of my cat. I have caught her nipping at my ankles, so it just may be that’s when she decides I should get up. I don’t have proof, however. She’s a sly one.

Anyway, I love it. I love being up before the sun comes up.

And here’s why:

By 9am when most people are just getting to work and starting their day, I have already…

  • Spent 30 minutes planning my day.
  • Written for 30-60 minutes. I’ll talk about the benefits of writing every day in another article. I’m finding that it just may be the most productive (and fun) thing I do every day.
  • Worked on my business for 60 minutes. Not in my business, but on my business. Super powerful.
  • Did some form of learning for 30-60 minutes. As an entrepreneur, learning new things and expanding your skill set is uber important. These minutes include watching online courses, reading a business book, or listening to a podcast. Also, it’s very important to write down how you’re going to implement what you learn. I’ll often add tasks to my to-do app to make sure they’re captured.
  • Went for a 30-60 minute walk. Confession: I only do this when it’s nice out. I find that I’m a fair weather walker. I don’t like going out when it’s dark and/or cold. Yuck. Takes all the fun out of it. Instead, I’ll workout during my modified pomodoro breaks.

So, you can see that my day just sets up so nicely doing this every morning. I get more done in those few hours before 9am than most people get done all day. There are no interruptions, no distractions. It is incredibly peaceful.

One important thing to note, too, is that I work on myself and my business during those hours. I start working with clients at 10am and go until around 4-6pm most days. Before I had started this morning routine, I would try to work on myself and my business after working with clients.

Because I give everything I’ve got to my clients’ and their businesses, I was pretty exhausted by 6pm. The only thing I felt like doing was having a nice dinner and watching Netflix. My business wasn’t being nurtured.

Getting up early allows me to work on the “Big Rocks” first, as Stephen Covey had discussed in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

There are also two side benefits…
1) I get to see the sun rise every morning. Beautiful!
2) The day feels expansive. Like I have all the time in the world to make my goals and dreams happen. No stress. No overwhelm.

Have a jumpstart session with me. Let’s get you set up so you’re getting up early and putting your big rocks first.

With love & joy,

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