What’s your deep work?

I’ve been reading a new book, Deep Work, by Cal Newport and it’s made me realize what I’ve been missing throughout my day.

The book is about taking time away from distractions to do deep work — writing, studying, art, whatever deep work means for you.

You can also select the timeframe that works for you. Cal gives examples of people who take a few hours daily for deep work to those people who live their lives fully doing deep work. One man is so heavily into it that he doesn’t even have an email account. If anyone wants to reach him, they have to send a letter. Through the post office.

Hard to imagine.

While I don’t want to go that far, I do know that I want to do something.

I didn’t even know I was missing deep work until I started reading this book.

Back when I was in school, I spent large chunks of time studying, reading research, writing, and thinking deep thoughts. 😉

During those chunks of time, I did not check Facebook, get on Twitter, etc.

I didn’t have several meetings a week.

I didn’t have people Skyping, emailing, and sending me messages on Slack.

I had solitude and thought.

This book has made me realize how much I’ve become addicted to checking email, social media sites, and getting on the internet to do research take a break.

It’s also made me realize why I love my early mornings so much.

I don’t check email, get on social media, or Skype anyone.

So… I’ve decided to add a few hours of deep work throughout my week that are separate from my morning ritual. Big chunks of time where I can really work without distraction.

This will mess with my modified pomodoro a bit, but I think it might just be what I need.

How about you? Does it sound like something you’ve been craving and didn’t even know it?

If so, I’d love to hear how you’re going to incorporate deep work into your week.


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With love & joy,

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