When you think about your ideal business and life, what feelings come up?

I’d like to share a quick but powerful exercise that helps me focus my day.

First, I ask myself this question…

When I think about my ideal business and life, what feelings come up?

For example, do I feel contentment, joy, satisfaction, peace?

Second, I take a minute to focus on the two or three feelings that I want to experience the most during the day.

For example, most Move the Needle days I want to feel love, peace, and flow.  I want the work I do to invoke these three feelings throughout the day.

I want to feel love for myself, the work I do, and the people I work with.

I want to feel peace that what I do matters and that my clients thrive.  To me, this also means no feelings of stress or overwhelm because I cannot have peace when I feel stress and overwhelm.

Finally, I want to feel a sense of flow. Flow is when we are totally engaged in what we’re doing in the present moment with no thought of the future or past.

Try it out.

When you do this exercise daily, you’ll begin to feel these two or three emotions more throughout the day. Your mind, heart, and soul will begin to focus in on these feelings.  You won’t be able to help it.

It’s like when you’re thinking about buying a new car and have decided on a make and model.  You begin to see that car everywhere.

Withe love & joy,

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