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Use functional org charts to grow your business

Use functional org charts to grow your business

By Selena Tramayne | General Business

Do you have a clear picture of your current and future organizational structure? 

Creating current and future functional org charts can help you get a clear picture of where your business is at right now. AND where it's headed.

A functional org chart looks like a regular org chart, but has one big difference. It also includes the top 3-5 key responsibilities for each position. 

It helps make it clear what the roles are and what their top priorities are. It’s best to have two versions — your current chart and where you’re headed in the next year or two. 

Here’s an example of a current functional org chart for a company that creates online courses

Note: I've only included the leadership team for demo purposes...

Not much profit? Focus here in the next 30 days

Not much profit? Focus Here In The Next 30 Days

By Selena Tramayne | General Business

One of the biggest struggles I see coaches face is feeling overworked and overwhelmed. Profit is down or non-existent. 

You may be experiencing this in your own business. 

That nagging fear in the back of your mind that says your business isn’t doing well. That you may end up on the wrong side of the statistic that says 50% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years. 

5 Days That Will Change Your Business

Do you know the 5 days that will change your business?

By Selena Tramayne | General Business , Psychology

I’ve come to realize over the years that, for me, it is absolutely necessary to include these five days into my life. Otherwise, my life and my business just don’t run right.

I invite you to consider incorporating all these days into your life regularly, as well.

Adding these days for yourself will help you enjoy your life and your business so much more. This, in turn, will lead to a lot less burn out. Trust me, I speak from personal experience.

An update on my stolen car and how it relates to your business

An update on my stolen car… and how it relates to your business systems

By Selena Tramayne | General Business

Some lovely person stole my car over Thanksgiving last year. I wrote about it then (read it here if you missed it).

I’m sharing an update because there are plenty of business lessons that can come out of this experience.

First, the cops did recover my car. Unfortunately, it had been stripped quite a bit. So much so that the insurance company wasn’t sure it would be salvageable.

While the employees at the insurance company were quite pleasant to deal with, it ended up being a bit of a cluster because of the company's lack of solid systems.

I have some theories on this that I’ll share in a moment.

First, here’s the “short” version of what happened…
How does my car being stolen relate to your coaching business?

How does my car being stolen relate to your coaching business?

By Selena Tramayne | General Business , Workflow + Productivity

… So I have been in a bit of a holding pattern for a couple of weeks.

My car was found on Saturday after being missing for about a week. It was a bit stripped down. So now I’m waiting to find out if it can be repaired, or if the insurance company will total it out and I’ll have to buy a new car.

All of this is out of my hands and it feels a bit disconcerting.

I started thinking about why I have this urge to do something — why not being in control of the situation makes me uncomfortable.

And I realized that the type of personality it takes to run a coaching business has a lot to do with it.