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5 days that will change your business

I’ve come to realize over the years that, for me, it is absolutely necessary to include these five days into my life, especially now that I own my own business. Otherwise, my life and my business just don’t run right. I’d like to invite you to consider incorporating all of these days into your life regularly. Getting into […]


How to Overcome Fear With One Easy Tip

I had the opportunity to hear Marianne Williamson speak a couple of years ago. The speech was so powerful and the quote below is my paraphrase of a key point she made.Fear isn’t a thing. It’s the absence of a thing. It’s the absence of love. Fear goes away in the presence of love. – […]

Resistance, Being a Professional & The War of Art

Resistance, Being a Professional, and The War of Art

I’ve recently read what I consider to be one of the most important books for entrepreneurs. Steven Pressfield in The War of Art describes resistance and, more importantly, what it does to us, our goals, our work, and our lives if we let it. To give you a few examples, he tells us that resistance…


What my first hater email can teach you about your coaching business…

After an email I sent my list last week, I received my first “hater” email in response. There are quite a few business lessons in it, so I thought I’d share… This is what she wrote: “If you are a PH. D, you should know when to use possibly instead of possible. Your advertising gimmick was LAME! […]